1 May 2015

Invitation to our discussion forums

12:32 pm on 1 May 2015

We like a good chinwag at radionz.co.nz and now we want you to join the conversation too.

We're trialling a new forums feature  - rnztalk.

It will appear on stories in the coming weeks and today you will find it on these pieces:

Why your train was late

PM admits error in ponytailgate

Mask or flu jab ultimatum

Housing tax move eyed up in NZ

We are starting small so we can see what you think. We won't be adding forums to everything we publish but we will, depending on what you say, start steadily increasing their use over time.

Rnztalk uses a platform called Discourse - a 100 percent open source system - which, like us, wants to encourage a better level of discussion.

This means things are a little bit different from your normal commenting systems. Comments are post-moderated, placing the onus on you to be mature, considered, caring and reasonable in what you write.

It's not a place for keyboard warriors to unleash hell and fury. We want people to feel safe and respected on our forums. Before you hit the publish button stop, pause and think. Play the issue never the person.

Click here for some guidelines which should help with that process.

Joining is easy - simply use your existing Facebook or Twitter account or sign up separately.

And, let us know what you think.