15 May 2014

Christchurch projects face delays

1:13 pm on 15 May 2014

Five of the so-called anchor projects the Government is backing to revitalise Christchurch's city centre have had their completion dates pushed back.

The biggest delay involves a new $500 million covered stadium which is now predicted to take up to 18 months longer to complete than originally thought.

Projects to revitalise Christchurch city centre have been delayed.

Projects to revitalise Christchurch city centre have been delayed. Photo: PHOTO NZ

The new timeframe has yet to be confirmed, but cash strapped Christchurch City Council, which will pay half of the cost, has already talked about pushing the completion date out so it can prioritise more pressing projects.

The Metro Sports Facility is also delayed and won't open its doors until the last three months of 2017; a year later than first planned.

Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee, says the delays are a reflection of how complex the city's rebuild is.

Mr Brownlee says the Metro Sports Facility is a huge undertaking.

"It's a $200 to $300 million project and I think it's only approprtae that we take enough time to ensure we get a good result."

He says a possible 18 month delay to the stadium is to do with delays in Christchurch City Council's insurance payout.

New public parks on the south side of the city could be delayed by a year and six month delays could be in store for a rebuilt central library and the redevelopment of Cathedral Square.