14 Apr 2014

ACC form ruled beyond legal rights

6:38 pm on 14 April 2014

Hundreds of people turned down for accident compensation may be able to challenge the decision following a court ruling.

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Photo: ACC

The Dunedin District Court on Monday ruled that a key form ACC uses to collect information about injury claimants goes beyond the law and that the corporation had no right to decline entitlements simply because a client wouldn't sign it.

Dunedin claimant Denise Powell, who took the case, says hundreds of people have refused to sign the form and ACC cutting of their compensation is now in doubt.

"I think the judge actually said that it's important that people are able to be in control of their information and ACC needs to be clear about what they're entitled to collect and what they're not."

ACC says it is amending the relevant processes to address the matters raised by the court and anyone concerned abut their recent forms should contact their case manager.

The corporation is also setting up a dedicated phone line for people with historical consent concerns.