18 Feb 2014

Milk cheaper than in 2008, beer dearer

7:44 pm on 18 February 2014

Two litres of milk costs less today than it did in 2008 - but a glass of beer is a dollar more.

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Photo: RNZ

Statistics New Zealand has released its 2014 snapshot of the nation, which highlights some overall trends.

Six years ago, two litres of milk would have cost about $3.23, 4 cents more than the current price, when inflation is taken into account, but the price of bread, apples, lamb chops - and even fish and chips - have all increased.

Fonterra says more people buying store brands and fewer price hikes being passed onto consumers, are behind a drop in the price of milk.

A visit to the GP costs nearly 23.99 percent more than in 2008, with the average bill now $36 and a glass of beer which cost just under $4.50 six years ago, is now closer to $5.80.