4 Dec 2013

Pay gap widens between male and female chartered accountants

12:00 pm on 4 December 2013

The Institute of Chartered Accountants says men in the profession are earning significantly more than women - and the pay gap continues to widen with time spent in the industry.

Acting chief executive Kirsten Patterson says males with less than five years experience earn an average of $3600 more than their female counterparts.

Ms Patterson said the pay gap continues to grow, becoming as large as almost 50,000 dollars after 16 to 20 years in the industry.

She told Nine to Noon that even firms with robust remuneration policies in place can make a small decision about pay earlier in someone's career, which can have a huge impact on parity later on.

There is a 10% pay gap between men and women across all professions in New Zealand, and a 12% gap for chartered accountants.