26 Jul 2013

Surveyors to meet EQC over assessments

10:27 pm on 26 July 2013

The Earthquake Commission has confirmed it will meet with the Institute of Surveyors next week over concerns about how assessments of quake-damaged Christchurch homes are being done.

The institute says it support its members who have raised questions about the quality of floor level assessments being done by the commission for residents.

On Thursday, Christchurch surveyor Adrian Cowie told Radio New Zealand that some damage is being underestimated, which means essential repair work may not be done and that can decrease the value of a house or make it hard to sell.

Institute vice-president Jeff Needham says floor levels are a significant damage indicator and, given the concerns of some members, the organisation wants to meet with EQC to discuss who it is using to do assessments and the guidelines they are given to follow.

Mr Needham says he wants to discuss the methodologies EQC is requiring people to use so when assessments are done against Department of Building and Housing guidelines, they're getting appropriate results and not false positives.

The meeting is expected to be held on Tuesday.