21 Oct 2009

Car crushing law passed by Parliament

9:59 pm on 21 October 2009

Legislation targeting boy racers, which will allow the cars of repeat offenders to be seized and crushed, has been passed by Parliament.

The Greens were the only party to object, on the grounds that it is a waste of resources to destroy people's property.

Radio New Zealand's parliamentary chief reporter says the Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill strengthens the powers of courts to confiscate and destroy the cars of persistent boy racing offenders.

It also toughens provisions covering the collection and enforcement of unpaid fines and reparations.

The Green Party objects to what it sees as a wasteful approach to the crushing of cars, which it says could be used by other people.

The Labour Party supports the bill, but questions how much effect politicians can have on the illegal street racing problem.

The Maori Party says it is very concerned about public safety and has voted for the legislation in the hope it can help reduce road deaths.

The ACT Party says the new car crushing law will be effective, if judges take a hard line as cases start to come before the courts.

The new provisions will take effect at the start of December.

Listen to Jane Patterson's report on Checkpoint