1 May 2013

Police heard joking about framing Arthur Allan Thomas

5:12 pm on 1 May 2013

A woman who mixed with police during the Crewe double murder investigation 40 years ago is speaking out about senior officers who joked about framing Arthur Allan Thomas for the killings.

Queenie Edmonds worked at the Mangere Hotel which the police used as a venue and was sworn to keep anything she heard confidential.

Mrs Edmonds has since provided an affidavit to police who are formally reviewing the case.

She says she overheard conversations referring to Mr Thomas as a half wit who would not realize officers had planted evidence against him.

Ms Edmonds said she's speaking out now because the officer in charge of the homicide investigation at the time is now dead and she wants to see justice done.

Despite providing an affidavit in 2006, she said the police have not contacted her.