27 Mar 2013

Park Road film lab to shut down

10:11 pm on 27 March 2013

The director of the New Zealand Film Festival is lamenting the closure of the country's last film laboratory.

Park Road Productions, in Wellington, has announced it will close its 35mm film processing lab towards the end of June because of the growing predominance of digital film-making.

Festival's director Bill Gosden says it's a sad moment.

"Film has produced some incredibly beautiful artifacts, he said. "I am sure people will continue to work in film but it's really going to become something of an artisanal craft."

Mr Gosden says most modern films are being shot digitally.

Park Road Post Production's general manager, Cameron Harland, says he does not want to close the laboratory but it is a casualty of the digital age and a sign of the times, as laboratories all over the world are closing.

Mr Harland says he is discussing future options with the laboratory's 12 staff.