20 Jan 2013

Survivors may be in time for funerals

8:08 pm on 20 January 2013

The principal of Tauranga's Bethlehem College says he hopes the survivors of a bus crash in Kenya on 15 January will be back in New Zealand in time to attend the funerals of the three who died.

The funerals of Caitlin Dickson, and Brian and Grace Johnston will be held on Thursday and Friday.

Bethlehem College's principal, Eoin Crosbie, says their bodies are on their way back to New Zealand.

Mr Crosbie says a small group, including two who survived the crash, will be back on Monday.

He says a second group has been cleared to travel, but he's unsure of the exact day of their return.

Another student, who has concussion, will remain in Kenya for several more days and her mother is flying over to support her.