27 Aug 2012

Eruption hazard zone reduced on Tongariro

2:45 pm on 27 August 2012

The eruption hazard zone on Mount Tongariro has been reduced to 3km from the source of the most recent eruption. The alert level remains at level one.

After the eruption on 6 August, the hazard zone extended 5km either side of the active vents.

GNS Science says eruptions from other vents or the generation of new ones are now considered unlikely without any early signs, which at this stage have not been detected.

Additional warning signs have been posted along State Highway 46 reminding drivers not to stop on the road in case dams on the mountain holding debris from the eruption collapse, sending material down on the highway.

It's expected that debris from any collapse would take 15 minutes to reach the road.

The main debris dam is being closely monitored.