26 Aug 2012

Paedophile back in court on Monday

11:54 am on 26 August 2012

Convicted paedophile Lloyd McIntosh will appear before Christchurch District Court on Monday in relation to a breach of his release conditions.

McIntosh, who was sentenced to prison for offences including the rape of a 23-month-old baby and a child aged six, was released in 2005 into the grounds of Christchurch Men's prison.

He has been heavily supervised since then, in the same way Stewart Murray Wilson will be on his release in Whanganui next week.

McIntosh's release conditions include being accompanied in public and a ban on internet use.

He cannot have contact with anyone aged under 16 unless supervised, get a job without written consent of the probation officer, or have contact with victims.

Corrections says the breach relates to the monitoring included in his release conditions, and not to any sexual reoffending.

His court appearance will be on the same day as a hearing of an injunction sought by Whanganui District Council against the release of Wilson to a house in the grounds of Whanganui prison.

More than 100 high-risk paedophiles released from prison are on an extended supervision scheme.