24 Nov 2008

Shrek retires to luxury South Island retreat

10:52 am on 24 November 2008

New Zealand's most famous sheep has begun a gracious retirement.

Shrek was discovered living wild in 2004, shorn of his thick fleece, and since then has travelled the country raising money for charity.

On Sunday he was shorn of his 10 kilogram fleece at Auckland's Sky Tower, to benefit the Cure Kids charity.

The 14-year-old was then flown back to Bendigo station in the South Island by private jet.

Shrek's owner John Perriam says the retired sheep will live in some style, in a large building of his own with a run in front and a veranda round the outside.

He said the complex also has a showroom with pictures of Shrek's exploits round the country over the past four years.