10 Aug 2012

New ACC privacy breach claimed

12:11 pm on 10 August 2012

The Accident Compensation Corporation is investigating another privacy breach claim after someone on its own internet forum said they had been sent other people's private details.

The forum has more than 1000 ACC claimants who can post anonymous comments.

ACC last year mistakenly sent the details of more than 6000 clients to a high-profile claimant, Brownyn Pullar.

The internet forum member has not contacted ACC, which says it is unable to confirm if a leak has occurred or identify who posted the message.

ACC has posted a reply asking for anyone who has received information that is not about them, to return it immediately.

It says it will then contact all clients whose details may have been disclosed and advise the Privacy Commissioner.

ACC says it takes any privacy breach seriously and is investigating this latest claim. But so far it has no evidence that a breach has occurred.