18 Jul 2012

Handbag case jury retires

6:31 pm on 18 July 2012

A jury deciding whether a man murdered a woman when he stole her handbag and hit her with a car has retired for the night.

Christopher Shadrock is on trial for the murder of Joanne Wang, 39, at a South Auckland supermarket carpark in 2008.

Four other men are accused of destroying evidence.

In summing up, Justice Brewer told the jury it must put aside any sympathy for Mrs Wang and her family or prejudice towards Mr Shadrock.

The Crown says Mr Shadrock snatched Mrs Wang's bag before getting into a stolen four wheel drive which hit her, causing her fatal injuries.

The defence says the possibility Mrs Wang could die never entered Mr Shadrock's mind and he had no murderous intent.

The jury deliberated for eight hours on Wednesday, and will resume at 9.30am on Thursday.