20 Jun 2012

Minority of inner city residents feel part of community - survey

6:15 am on 20 June 2012

A study on inner-city living in Auckland has found most residents, including migrants, do not feel part of a community.

Community organisation Parnell Trust commissioned the Auckland University of Technology to carry out the study last year.

The university surveyed 414 city residents and found 24% felt part of a community and 10% felt isolated.

Most of the respondents - close to 77% - had lived in the inner-city for two years or less.

Trust spokesperson Anne Barrowclough says it wanted to find out what barriers central city residents faced.

"The biggest frustration for the residents is they don't know what's going on, they don't know where to go to access information."

Some residents said they find out a major event is happening only when they see road closure signs.

Ms Barrowclough says one third of inner city residents are students.