13 Jun 2012

Taskforce moves to deal with downtown drunks

3:08 pm on 13 June 2012

Restrictions on Auckland bars and liquor stores could be on the cards as the council targets drunken behaviour in the city.

A new taskforce consisting of council staff, police, inner-city residents and hospitality representatives met for the first time on Wednesday to discuss how they will tackle anti-social behaviour.

Speaking after the meeting, Mayor Len Brown said they had identified seven areas where they could make tangible changes.

Mr Brown says first, they would be targeting people who drink in car parks and in the streets before heading into bars.

The taskforce would also look at enforcing one-way door policies in bars so that people can't come and go late at night.

Mr Brown said he would also like to see restrictions on the types of liquor sold at stores, particularly shots of alcohol.