20 Mar 2012

Te Urewera jury retires for night

6:16 am on 20 March 2012

A high court jury considering the verdicts in the trial of four people accused of taking part in military-style camps in Te Urewera National Park has indicated it is finding it difficult to decide on a verdict.

The jury is deliberating in the trial of Tame Iti, Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara, Urs Singner and Emily Bailey who face a number of charges including participating in an organised criminal group and unlawful possession of firearms.

Earlier on Monday the jury said it was having difficulty agreeing on the first charge; that of participating in an organised criminal group.

Justice Hansen told them to make what progress they could, put the first charge to one side and deal with the charges in any order.

The jury has now retired for the night.

The four accused denied the charges when their trial began in February.

The jury at the Auckland High Court began deliberations at lunchtime on Thursday, but was sent home before they could begin on Friday because one of the jurors had injured themselves.

That juror was well enough to attend court on Monday and deliberations resumed at 10am.

Thirteen charges are being considered by the jury, 10 of which relate to all four defendants.