Don't rush big decisions, group tells red zone residents

12:06 pm on 27 June 2011

An advocacy group for those with earthquake-damaged properties is urging people not to panic and rush into decisions about their homes in the residential red zone.

Some 5100 home-owners in Christchurch and Waimakariri District have been told they cannot remain on their quake-damaged land.

The Government has offered to pay residents the 2007 rating valuation of their property. Homeowners can also choose to sell only the land to the Government and negotiate with insurance companies over the house replacement.

A spokesperson for the group CanCERN, Leanne Curtis, says a range of questions are arising about what people can and cannot do with their properties, and what will be the best decision in the long term.

She says there is a rising sense of panic, and a fear that people need to urgently make a decision.

Ms Curtis says people need to use the nine months available to ensure they make a smart decision for themselves.