Police warn fake officials operating

2:10 pm on 25 February 2011

Police say criminals have been masquerading as officials in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, and urge householders to be vigilant.

Superindendent Dave Cliff said at a briefing on Friday that householders should ask for identification from people who claim to be officials, and who may turn up wearing reflective gear.

He says criminals have been attempting to enter cordons and knock on doors.

Superintendent Cliff says about a dozen looters have been arrested.

He says the number of patrols by police is being slowly increased.

Fund-raising scammers operating

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has identified several email scams, one of which claims to be from the Red Cross.

The police on the Kapiti Coast also have taken reports of a man pretending to be an earthquake victim asking for money.

The ministry says people should only donate to registered charities like the Red Cross.