Reports on quake-damaged flat land released

10:20 pm on 29 September 2012

Geotechnical reports that determined the fate of earthquake-damaged flat land have been released by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

Chief executive Roger Sutton says the data may help people understand why their land has to be abandoned or why it remains habitable.

The information, which maps ground movement, cracking and liquefaction, can be found on the Earthquake Recovery Authority's website.

Mr Sutton admits the reports are quite technical, but says efforts have been made to simplify them.

Residents will not be able to use the data to challenge how their land has been zoned but can contact the authority to seek clarification.

Some 7354 properties on flat land in Christchurch have to be abandoned because of quake damage.

The Earthquake Commission will separately provide some property owners with their own site specific damage reports which include more detail.

Kaiapoi resident Brent Cairns says the data in his area is wrong and there hasn't been as much earthquake damage as is being stated in the reports.

Mr Cairns says it's early days, but he suspects residents of other areas will also be querying the information.

Meanwhile, the Christchurch City Council has also released its geotechnical reports about properties on the Port Hills.

There will be a public seminar to help explain the information in two weeks' time.