Engineer had to argue for additions to buildings

6:29 pm on 30 July 2012

The structural engineer who helped design the CTV building has told the inquiry into its collapse he had to argue with his employer to make additions to buildings.

David Harding, who was employed by Alan Reay Consulting, helped prepare the detailed design of the building.

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission of Inquiry is investigating why the CTV building failed in the 6.3 magnitude quake on 22 February, killing 115 people.

A qualified civil engineer, Mr Harding said that Mr Reay had a reputation for making money by designing buildings that met the minimum building standards.

He told the Commission they would get their 'hands slapped' for adding anything additional and had to argue to justify their reasons.

Alan Reay will give evidence on Tuesday.

Earlier a statement from the building's architect, Alun Wilkie, was read out to the commission.

Mr Wilkie has described the structure as a standard developer's office building that was very much in the mould of those being built at the time.

He said he had no input in the building's structural design, only its spacial design.

He reiterated to the Commission several times that he had no responsibility for the construction of the CTV building.

Mr Wilkie may be required to appear for cross examination later this week.