25 Jan 2012

Sanford says fall in tuna sales due to detained vessel

6:58 pm on 25 January 2012

The listed fishing company Sanford says tuna sales in the first quarter fell significantly due to the detention of one of its vessels in American Samoa.

The San Nikunau was detained by US authorities in Pago Pago in July, for allegedly polluting the water, and it was released in December. The company will defend charges in a US court this year.

Sanford's managing director Eric Barratt says the ship's detention contributed to a 3% fall in catch levels in the first quarter.

He says it wasn't able to catch fish at all during the first three months of the year which has impacted catch volumes and sales volumes.

Mr Barratt says revenues for the first quarter match the same period the previous year but the company expects to improve its full year profit.