24 Nov 2010

SmartPay looks for cheaper funding

7:05 am on 24 November 2010

SmartPay is looking to wealthy investors to provide it with cheaper funding to fund business growth.

The listed eftpos and merchant services company's business model is focussed on signing up customers on long-term rental contracts, which are paid back monthly.

Kiwibank and Finance Now provide some funding for SmartPay's rental book at the moment, the company's says it will be able to reduce interest rates and better manage its cashflow by having its own finance facility as well.

Chief executive Ian Bailey says the SmartPay has no fund raising target in mind, but the minimum investment is $500,000.

Because of this, the offer falls outside the scope the Securities Act, which will reduce compliance costs.

Mr Bailey says he expects to offer interest rates of between 12% - 13%, depending on the investment.