8 Jul 2014

BCS Group expecting $140m in sales

7:53 am on 8 July 2014

New Zealand headquartered technology company BCS Group expects annual sales growth of 75 percent.

BCS Group, which was founded in 1993, provides software for managing airport services such as baggage handling and self service check-in systems, and for managing courier companies. It employs more than 400 people globally.

Chief executive Patrick Teo said he was finalising the company's accounts and expected annual sales would have risen by $60 million to $140 million.

Many of the company's contracts were worth more than $25 million each, he said.

"We've actually picked up a lot of fairly large contracts, where we were as a company four or five years ago focussing on a lot of contracts less than $5 million."

A lot of depots and airports had gotten bigger, and BCS had been able to pick up some "very nice, large contracts", Mr Teo said.

"So a lot of our contracts are well over $10 million."

The company had a lot of good business partners it worked closely with, most of whom were in Europe or Asia.

"We work on the principle that we are a smallish company trying to compete in a global market and obviously not very easy for a small company like this to win, so we've decided that we'll work with business partners."

BCS is owned by 27 of the company's executives and has a profit sharing arrangement with its employees.