3 Mar 2014

ANZ lends a record amount

6:51 am on 3 March 2014

ANZ Bank lent a record amount on mortgages in the December quarter, despite a significant drop in its lending to people with small deposits.

Its latest accounts show New Zealand's largest bank's mortgage book grew by $1.3 billion in the three months to December, surpassing its previous record set in the June quarter of 2012.

ANZ Bank's growth in home lending has clearly been heavily influenced by the Reserve Bank's lending restrictions to those with small deposits, introduced in October.

Lending to those with deposits less than 20 percent shrank by a net $380 million in the December quarter.

But its other mortgage lending soared by $1.68 billion.

ANZ's promises to lend to people with small deposits also shrank - that figure was down by $84 million to $761 million from the September quarter.