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Sessions recorded at Writers and Readers Festivals in New Zealand

Publishing in the 21st Century

Sam Elworthy, Laurie Chittenden, Michael Heyward and Derek Johns consider whether the future of the book in a digital, technological, future. Noel Murphy chairs.

Collecting Worlds

Kamila Shamsie and Ilija Trojanow explore from their positions on the margins of their adopted cultures what it means to write for, and about, a globalised world. John Newton is in the chair.

Once Upon a Time

Margo Lanagan and Neil Gaiman discuss their approaches towards creating literature for young adult readers. In the chair is Kate De Goldi.

Simon Schama and Margo Lanagan

Simon Schama and Margo Lanagan reflect on their different approaches to narrative and history, in a session chaired by Lydia Wevers.

Richard Dawkins

This outspoken atheist and evolutionary biologist sets out his criticism of creationism and intelligent design. Bernard Beckett chairs.

Simon Schama

One of the UK's leading historians discusses his craft, and explores why he uses television as a key means of communication to a wide audience. In the chair is Sean Plunket.