2 Jan 2021

Worlds of Music Episode 212 features a celebration of tracks that resonated on Worlds of Music in 2020

From Worlds of Music, 2:00 pm on 2 January 2021
Hugh Masekela & Tony Allan - World Circuit

Hugh Masekela & Tony Allan - World Circuit Photo: World Circuit


Episode 212 features a 2020 Best of list - a celebration of tracks that  stood out and featured on Worlds of Music over the last 12 months  … recordings that just had a creative point of difference that set themselves apart from the rest…music that helped redeem what for most was a challenging year … the power of music !


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Orquesta Akokán
Mambo Rapidito
Orquesta Akokán
RNZ Music
Live at Womad

Darren Watson
Getting sober for the end of the world
Darren Watson
Getting sober for the end of the world
Darren Watson

Paul Bosauder
La Nina Del Velero (Guajira)
Paul Bosauder
 Tierra Y Mar
Paul Bosauder

Lido Pimienta
Te Quería [Chancha Vía Circuito Remix]
Lido Pimienta
'Miss Colombia,
Anti Records


Moana & the Tribe
Tōku Reo
Maniapoto, Free, Morrison
Moana & The Tribe

Derek Gripper & Mike block
Derek Gripper & Mike block
Sat Morning in Boston
Derek Gripper & Mike block

Trio Da Kali with The Black Quartet
Keno Bo
Trio Da Kali
RNZ Music
RNZ live at Womad

Minyo Crusaders
tanko bushi
Minyo Crusaders
Live at Womad 2020
Mais Um Discos

 Tony Allen - Hugh Masekela
Agbada Bougou
Tony Allen - Hugh Masekela
World Circuit