22 Oct 2016

Worlds of Music 22 October 2016

From Worlds of Music, 2:00 pm on 22 October 2016
Joey Burns of Calexico at WOMAD 2016.

Joey Burns of Calexico at WOMAD 2016. Photo: Michael Flynn

In this episode Trevor features a number of different musicians including a new album project curated by a Belgian Record label called Refugees for refugees, this year’s APRA Silver Scroll winner Thomas Oliver, a live track from Sinéad O’Connor, a brief interview with Joey Burns from Calexico and the brilliant Malian Kora player Toumani Diabaté.

Music Details

Artist: Refugees for Refugees
Song: Babylon              
Composer: Refugees for Refugees
Album: Amerli 
Label: Muzieckpublique.

Sinéad O'Connor            
He Moved Through the Fair      
Trad. Arranged O’Connor and by Donnal Lunny
Gospel Oak - EP              

Zawâj El Yamâm              
Le Trio Joubran and Dahafer Yussef       
Joubran. Yussef              
As Fâr  
Harmonia Mundi

Thomas Oliver 
There May Be Hope Yet              
Beneath The Weissenborn        
Thomas Oliver

Zomba Prison Project   
I Will Never Stop grieving For You My wife         
I Will Not Stop Singing  
Ian Brennan, 6 Degrees

Let It Slip Away
Edge of the Sun (Deluxe)           
Anti Records

Kaksi     |
Aito Records

Gotan Project  
Gotan Project  
XL Records

Dom La Nena   
Gracias a la Vida              
Dom La Nena   
Cantando - EP  
Six Degrees

Toumani Diabaté            
Toumani Diabaté            
The Mande Variations 
World Circuit 2008