The Magic of Masks - Live podcast from Q Theatre

From Here Now, 5:00 am on 26 February 2024


In the first ever live podcast Here Now had a live audience at Q Theatre earlier this month as part of Podfest at Q. 

This week Here Now features excerpts from the conversation with incredible thespian and mask enthusiast Pedro Ilgenfritz and Jacob Rajan.


Pedro Ilgenfritz went from counting to clowning in his career and has never looked back since. While studying accounting as a 20-year-old in his hometown in Brazil, Florianopolis, Pedro discovered acting, through the clown nose. 

Pedro Ilgenfritz and his collection

Pedro Ilgenfritz and his collection Photo: RNZ/ Kadambari Raghukumar

Krishnan's Dairy is the play with which it all began for Jacob Rajan and his creative partner Justin Lewis, brought together by the love of masks 25 years ago to set up Indian Ink, their company. 

"When I first put that mask on, I can almost sense the audience lean forward. There's a childlike wonder that is kind of released in them. They're given that permission to imagine."

Jacob Rajan in Krishnan's Dairy

Jacob Rajan in Krishnan's Dairy. Photo: Wats Behind the Lens

Kadambari Raghukumar featured both guests in previous episodes of the show. Here's Jacob on Krishnan's Dairy and his love for masked theatre. And you can listen to these Pedro from a previous episode here.

Jacob Rajan and Pedro Ilgenfritz

Jacob Rajan and Pedro Ilgenfritz at Here Now - Live at Podfest at Q, Feb 2024 Photo: RNZ