16 May 2022

Girls That Invest - on friendships and finance

From Voices, 5:00 am on 16 May 2022

When Simran Kaur and Sonya Gupthan set out to start their finance podcast Girls That Invest, they hadn't quite expected it would become such a hit two years later.

The podcast today is one of the world's most popular finance podcasts on demystifying investment for women.

In April they just hit their million milestone of downloads, after they returned from giving a TEDx talk in the US, all the while continuing to grow their huge social media presence of nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram. 

Simran Kaur​ and Sonya Gupthan host the podcast 'Girls That Invest'

Simran Kaur​ and Sonya Gupthan host the podcast 'Girls That Invest' Photo: girlsthatinvest.com


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"Most money-media is usually about men. For women, it's about how to save $10 on your grocery bill."

Only about 20 percent of women actually get past the abundance of financial jargon to invest, anywhere in the world. 

As a mission, the podcast has been simplifying the jargon in the finance world, widening their appeal one episode at a time.  

A few years ago Simran and Harsharan Kaur, her other friend, started The Indian Feminist– a wildly successful Instagram handle with nearly 300K followers, an online space for social commentary on feminism  - quips, facts, sass and more.

It wasn't surprising that that led Simran to pushing that feminism to help other women include and achieve financial freedom. 

Tackling cultural attitudes and how they impact financial freedom has also been a hot topic on the Girls That Invest podcast.

"We all grow up with a money story" says Simran talking about her upbringing.

Both Sonya, who's originally from Kerala, and Simran, Punjabi, were raised by immigrant parents - something they say that their money-story was definitely impacted by.