29 Nov 2021

Muroki - on moving to Auckland, lessons learnt on tour and more

From Voices, 6:00 am on 29 November 2021

Muroki is just 20 and things have happened fast for the young Kenyan-Kiwi musician.

Moving up to Auckland from Raglan a couple of weeks ago seemed a natural progression, he tells Voices.


Muroki Photo: supplied

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It’s a Friday afternoon and we’re at Junk and Disorderly, an Auckland antique shop where Muroki is filming his first-ever live session for his record label Olive (which is run by NZ pop star Benee).

He was raised in Coromandel where his mother was a caterer at Capoeira Angola events.

The subtle rhythms of Capoeira music influenced Muroki's sound, he says.

"I grew up playing capoeira and I was always really stoked on the music part of it. It somehow found its way into my music," 

When the single 'Wavy' came out last summer, things got busy, Muroki says.

"I've lucked out when it comes to shows. I've hardly missed any shows because of lockdown, the timing's been crazy.

"I feel just unbelievably blessed and everything has just worked out."

Of all lessons the young artist has learned in the past year and a half, he says learning to pace himself on tour was one important one.

"We had a few beers on the first day of tour. I quickly learnt that's never a good idea."

Now in Auckland, Muroki says he's trying not to miss the Raglan surf too much and loves being busy.

"It's been great coming up here. There's been so much going on."

Muroki and band live at Samoa House for RNZ Music Live Sessions

Muroki and band live at Samoa House for RNZ Music Live Sessions Photo: supplied