19 Jul 2021

A refining moment: Seung Yul Oh on painting

From Here Now, 8:00 am on 19 July 2021

Going between painting, installation and sculpture, Korea-born artist Seung Yul Oh talks to Kadambari Raghukumar about his practice. 

Seung Yul Oh at home with his daughter

Seung Yul Oh at home with his daughter Photo: Kadambari Gladding

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Seung Yul Oh - OnDo

Seung Yul Oh - OnDo Photo: ©Patrick Reynolds 2015

Seung Yul Oh is known for his public art, larger than life-sculptures and installations that are at once quirky, hyperreal or minimalist. Invariably they all seem to attract people to participate with them.

His latest work is a series of paintings at Starkwhite on Auckland's K Road.

An Elam graduate, Seung Yul’s practice is interdisciplinary but painting isn’t something he says he does often.

"I'm a painter but don't do many painting or sculpture shows."

"Painting happens about three or four times a year..it's scary because once I start, I can't stop." 

Back in 2013, Periphery, his work of towering yellow and white pellet-shaped inflatables that audiences pushed their way through was selected by influential Japanese curator Yuko Hasegawa for Art Basel Hong Kong.

Following this, Oh was named as one of the rising stars of the Asian art market by The Guardian.

"I love the physicality of sculpture..it's different, but painting for me is a refining moment."

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Photo: Subject's own/ Starkwhite