7 Jan 2018

Translating the darkness

From Up This Way, 11:05 am on 7 January 2018
The cover of Apple and Knife.

Photo: Brow Books

The New Zealand Festival's Reader and Writer's section is a chance to see some of your favourite authors and find many new ones.

A very new author - at least to English language fiction is Indonesian writer Intan Paramaditha.

Intan is a media and film lecturer at Sydney's Macquarie University and has multiple books to her name. Her first English language collection has been translated by Stephen J. Epstein, Director of Asian Languages & Cultures School of Languages and Cultures at Victoria University.

Intan's wonderfully clear prose deals with dark human impulses, strained personal connections, and female desire.

Up This Way co-producer Shaun D Wilson spoke to Stephen and Intan about the upcoming short story collection Apple and Knife.