Brewing with This Way Up

Stu McKinlay's top 5 home brew tips

  • Clean, clean, clean!
  • Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!
  • Use the best ingredients you can
  • Watch your fermentation temperatures
  • Meet with other brewers


Beer glass


Stu McKinlay's Australian Pale Ale Recipe

  • 5%abv, 22ibu
  • Malt: 96% Pale malt, 2% Wheat, 2 % Caramalt
  • 65c mash, moderate calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate
  • Hops: Fuggles hops, 1gL at 15min and 1g/L at 0min... and 60min to achieve desired IBU.
  • Boil 60min
  • Ferment 20c with SafAle S04 English Ale yeast.