Cheese history

Author Andrew Dalby's just written the global history of cheese.

Cheesy questions

Rod Bennett from Massey University on what the liquid is that collects in cottage cheese when you take a spoonful out and leave it overnight. Plus what is the real difference between mild and tasty cheese?

Making cheese: paneer

We're making cheese at home with Wendy Adams. This week, paneer, it's simple, tasty, and fun to make.

Cheese: Halloumi

We're making fresh tasty halloumi. Cheese-maker Wendy Adams shows us how.

DIY cheese maturing

Listener Robert wants to save cash by buying a block of mild cheese and maturing it in the plastic wrapper at home. So can he turn mild cheese into tasty himself? With Rod Bennett of Massey University.

Still Life with Cheese Floris Claesz van Dijck c
Still Life with Cheese, Floris Claesz. van Dijck, c. 1615.