23 Dec 2017

Bikes, trucks and flying cars: China transport tales

From This Way Up, 12:30 pm on 23 December 2017
Bike share, Chile

Photo: (Diego Duarte Cereceda)

Adam Minter of Bloomberg has transport tales from China.

This week, how consolidation in the haulage industry could improve traffic and congestion.

Nine million trucking companies, most of them only owning one truck, cause chaos on the roads and clog up parking lots on the outskirts of major cities.

A move to a more hi-tech approach to transport could help solve some of these problems, but not everybody's impressed.

Also ambitious plans for flying cars, a far-fetched sounding technology that has some big players interested.

And why bike sharing schemes are struggling.

"By 2012, there were 9 million trucking companies in China -- 6 million of which owned only one truck. Today, independent driver-owners represent roughly 90 percent of all commercial trucks on Chinese highways." Adam Minter