11 Nov 2017

The Paradise Papers: tech tax revelations

From This Way Up, 12:15 pm on 11 November 2017

Tech commentator Peter Griffin delves into the Paradise Papers, the disappearance of US$300 million of the cryptocurrency Ether, and Google's new driverless taxis and mail accounts for under-13s.

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Photo: (Reza Shayestehpour via unsplash.com)

The Paradise Papers are 13 million files including documents, emails and voicemails provided to the world's media this week that offer another window into the murky world of global tax.

The revelations shine a light on accounting practices at some of the world's biggest tech companies and their use of tax havens to pay lower rates of tax on their profits.

In other news, some US$300 million of the cryptocurrency Ether have disappeared. So how will it be recovered?

Google's self driving car operator Waymo beats UBER to offer the world's first driverless taxi in Phoenix, Arizona.

And Family Link, Google's new accounts for under-13s.