This Way Up Part 1

Tech news, bioacoustics and undersea noise, and protecting India's traditional medicines from big drug companies.

Tech news

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin Photo: Supplied

Technology news with Peter Griffin. YouTube and Facebook launch new apps for your smartphone as the battle heats up for your ears and eyes, plus concerns about contactless payment costs here in NZ.

Underwater animal noise

Chris Clark is the director of the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University. For decades he's been studying the mysterious underwater sounds emanating from the world's seas and oceans.

Protecting India's traditional medicine

Nicola Twilley

Nicola Twilley Photo: Supplied

Nicola Twilley's been having a play with Google's Smart Reply, a predictive email response system driven by AI. And drug companies patenting traditional medicines and how India is fighting back.

This Way Up Part 2

A history of food scares, stronger superbugs, where the Earth's water comes from, and

The Gluten Lie

Alan Levinovitz

Alan Levinovitz Photo: Supplied

How can shoppers and home cooks wade through the mass of, sometimes contradictory, dietary information?

Can we trust the science? Is there a single coherent piece of official advice - and can we be sure that what we're reading and hearing isn't all just spin sponsored by the food industry or bad reporting?

Alan Levinovitz looks at the history of food myths and food scares and how they confuse us in his book 'The Gluten Lie' (Nero Books).

He talks to Simon Morton.

Stronger superbugs and Earth's oldest water

Dr Chris Smith with science news. How antibiotic resistant superbugs like MRSA get stronger when you treat them with the wrong drugs.

Elizabeth Iorns is bringing academic researchers and hi tech lab equipment and facilities together on the online marketplace,