Interisland magician

Nigel Kennedy and Mr Funny Bunny. Photo supplied.

Onboard a ship with a magician who's been helping make children disappear for 25 years!

Nigel Kennedy entertains passengers on board the Interisland ferries as they cross one of the roughest stretches of water on the planet.

Aeroplane living

American electrical engineer Bruce Campbell's decided that for him "home sweet home" is a Boeing 727 in Oregon. He wants retired aeroplanes recycled into homes.

Tech: Facebook's social contagion study

Peter Griffin is here with tech news; Facebook's been tinkering around with what you see in your news feed.

Naked Science: Living at altitude and friendless fish

The latest science news with Dr Chris Smith. This week, how higher CO2 levels in our oceans could affect fish behaviour. Also why Tibetans are so good at handling high altitude.

Can we makes ourselves smarter?

Dan Hurley is a science journalist who's looked into the world of intelligence training in the quest to make himself smarter. He's tried everything from brain games to electrical brain stimulation to improve his IQ.

Birds: White-faced heron

With Hugh Robertson on the hunt for the white-faced heron.