Sourdough: proving the dough

We proof and shape the dough, ready for baking. With Neville Chun.

Consumer law overhaul

Kristin Wilson from Bell Gully on some big changes to consumer law that happened this week.

Amazon phone and video on demand takes off

Amazon announces it's going to make its own smartphone called The Fire and Sky launches its own streaming video on demand service. With tech commentator Peter Griffin.

Breeding the perfect pear

We're tasting the pears of the future with research technician Natalie How and Dr Richard Volz of Plant and Food Research.

Naked Science

With Dr Chris Smith. How cellphones can affect male fertility, and how to test blood for safe drug levels, using a cheap digital camera.

Sourdough: the big bake off

Under Neville Chun's supervision, the sourdough bread goes into the oven.