Are antibiotics making us fat?

Professor Martin Blaser claims that antibiotic use could be making us fat, and contributing to a rise in autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. He is the author of "Missing Microbes: How Killing Bacteria Creates Modern Plagues".

50,000 feathered friends

Bridgette Karetai and Jeff Niblett from NZ Gamebirds raise 50,000 ducks, partridges and pheasants on the banks of the Tutaekuri River.

Google fights online surveillance

Technology time with Peter Griffin. Google launches an email encryption tool to fight mass online surveillance and Apple's interest in healthcare and health monitoring apps.

Brazil's footballing history

David Goldblatt is the author of "Futebol Nation", a book that looks at Brazil's love of the beautiful game, and its place in the country's national identity.

Naked science: koala bears, huge exoplanet and clever seabirds

Naked Scientist Chris Smith with the latest science news; koala bears stay chilled out by hugging trees, the discovery of a huge exoplanet, and seabirds' amazing ability to tell when people on board a boat are actually fishing.