Private gigs

Sofar Sounds is offering free and secret live music perfomances held in private homes around the world. Rafe Offer is one of its founders.

DNA breakthrough

Professor Floyd Romesberg of The Scripps Research Institute in California has added two more letters to the genetic code.

In-shell scrambling

Geraint Krumpe's Golden Goose is a new consumer device that can scramble an egg inside its shell.


Could the ancient Ethiopian grain teff be the next "supergrain", a bit like quinoa? With Bart Minten, Bob Reid and the crew at the Meeting Tree restaurant in Wellington.

UK: Zero hours contracts and Tour de Yorkshire

The famous cycle race the Tour de France is starting this year in Yorkshire. Tracy McVeigh's just been there to see how the county's preparing.


Why vultures are under threat in parts of Europe due to a commonly used anti-inflammatory drug. With José Tavares of the Vulture Conservation Foundation.