The Sports Gene

David Epstein looks at the genetic basis of sporting excellence in his book The Sports Gene.

Spain: Bikes and working hours

In Spain, sales of new bikes have outstripped new car sales for the first time. Also the country considers shortening its working day. With Paul Hamilos.

David Risher's a former Microsoft and Amazon executive who's Worldreader project aims to make free ereaders and ebooks available across the developing world.

Heart-based passwords

Karl Martin is the President and CEO of Bionym, the Canadian company behind the Nymi wristband.

Czech Food

It's pork, dumplings and sauerkraut time with Czech chef Marie Taufer.

Space Food

New Zealander Bryan Caldwell is trying to understand how our sense of taste and smell changes in space in order to design tastier foods for long-distance space missions.