Swimmable Berlin

A team of architects in Berlin is trying to create a big natural swimming pool on a stretch of river in the city centre. Tim Edler of realities:united is one of those behind the plan.

Games Masters

The new Games Masters exhibition at Te Papa celebrates video games dating back to 1975. With Head Host Philip Louie and Kristelle Plimmer, the exhibition's Concept Developer.

India: Pashminas and Hinglish

Anu Anand has been looking at the past, the present, and the future of the pashmina.

Mould resistant bread

Don Stull of MicroZap is trying to make bread that won't go mouldy. The technique uses microwaves to kill off mould spores and the main aim is to reduce food waste.

Paper: An Elegy

Ian Sansom writes a love letter to paper in his book 'Paper: An Elegy'.


Why are you paying loads more for some types of Barbie doll this Christmas when they are all pretty much the same?! Emily Oster of the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business is investigating the 'Barbie Paradox'.