History of BO

The history of body odour. Sarah Everts has been looking at the history of smelling good for Smithsonian.com.

Smelling older

Can you tell the age of someone just from their personal aroma? Johan Lundstrom of the Monell Chemical Senses Center is working in the area.

Smelling Survivors

Professor Paul Thomas of Loughborough University developed the trapped human simulator; it's a way to test an electronic nose that can smell for signs of life underneath collapsed buildings.


Lynn Perkins of UrbanSitter.com is trying to move babysitting into the digital age by connecting parents and babysitters through Facebook and their existing networks.

Blue Mondays?

Professor Arthur Stone of Stony Brook University's been measuring how people feel on different days of the week, with some surprising results.


Dreamland is the name of David K. Randall's book about his adventures in the strange science of sleep.


Acne is one of the joys of growing up, and you can blame it all on the hormone testosterone. Jeff Lowe sees lots of spots in his work as a GP at Karori Medical Centre.