Cooking Garlic

We're cooking garlic for a taste test with Julie Clark of Floriditas. Crushed, chopped, or sliced- how does the way you prepare garlic affect the overall flavour of a dish?

History of the ringpull

The history of the ringpull, that easy-to-open tab that sits on top of a fizzy drink can. With Tom Vanderbilt of

Electric bikes in Europe

Europe is going crazy for e-bikes or electric bikes. Last year some 700,000 ebikes were sold in Western Europe alone. Peter Walker from the Guardian's been looking at the phenomenon.

KiwiSaver 4: Breaking up

Last year more than 100,000 people changed their Kiwisaver provider. So when and why should you break up with your Kiwisaver fund, and how hard is it to do? With Chris Douglas of Morningstar Australasia and Amanda Morrall of

Smell the coffee

Have you ever noticed that freshly brewed coffee never quite tastes as good as it smells? Well according to Professor Barry Smith it all comes down to how smells enter the body, either through the nose (obviously!)but also through our mouth.

UK: Blood rain, retail lock-ins

Anna-Louise Taylor beams in from England. This week, blood rain, traffic lights in the supermarket, and encouraging students to spend more cash by locking them in shopping malls with DJs and free drinks!

Your Paintings

An ambitious plan to photograph and catalogue more than 200,000 paintings held in galleries, stately homes, fire stations, hospitals and police stations across the UK. With Andy Ellis of the Public Catalogue Foundation.