The Office: a hardworking history

Australian writer Gideon Haigh's just written a comprehensive history of the office, and its place in our culture.


After decades of declining interest and bankruptcies, the kibbutz movement in Israel is undergoing a revival. We find out why with Harriet Sherwood.


Christian Brüggemann is on a team of young German inventors working on smarter in-car GPS that can save you time and fuel when mapping a journey.

Naked Science

The latest science news from around the world with Dr Chris Smith. This week, the discovery of stem cells in tumours explains how cancers spread, and could help future treatments.


Professor David Edwards of Harvard University is working on a new form of edible, washable food packaging called wikicells.


Medical matters with Dr Lynn McBain. As any migraine sufferer will tell you they're excruciatingly painful. So what's the difference between a migraine and a normal headache?