Kiwi tracking

Using the latest digital technology to track kiwis and see what the bird has been up to, from snoozing to snacking. With Helen Taylor from Victoria University.

Tech news

Peter Griffin with the latest tech news. A new ISP called FYX offers a 'global mode' internet service. Plus Facebook launches its app centre and the Australian government considers snooping on internet traffic.

Tuna scrape

Sushi has gone mainstream, and the supply of raw tuna into the US has expanded beyond traditional cuts to a new product called scrape. Now tuna scrape is at the centre of the latest health scare to hit the US. With Professor Marion Nestle of New York University.

Free air travel

Ken Bensinger of the Los Angeles Times with a great story of when frequent flyer programmes go wrong. How American Airlines is trying to back out of a deal it offered 30 years ago: US$350,000 for a lifetime of first class air travel!

Choux pastry

We make choux pastry with chef Julie Clark.

Naked Science

The Naked Scientist aka Dr Chris Smith beams in with the latest from the world of science. This week, the carnivorous plants and ants that work together to devour their prey. Also radio-controlled cells; a new way to control blood sugar levels using radio signals.