An extended look at the calorie. Love it or loathe it it's the global standard when it comes to measuring the amount of energy in our food. With Nick Cullather, Hayley Freeman and Professor Jim Mann.

Weight Watchers- Points Plus

Weight Watchers' successful diet system's been getting an overhaul. Jeffrey O'Brien of Wired's been looking at the changes, and trying to understand the Weight Watchers phenomenon and its continuing success.

UK news: straw wars

UK correspondent Chris Parkin on the bus stops smelling liked baked potatoes, and the man waging war on the plastic drinking straw.

Tech talk

Peter Griffin beams in with the latest bits and bytes from the world of technology. This week, reinvents itself, we'll look at the new Nokia's new Lumia handset, and how does the Prime Minister want technology to manage our interactions with government?

Dieting history

A history of dieting over the past 2,000 years with author Louise Foxcroft, the author of 'Calories and Corsets'.

Kitchen cultivator

The latest must-have kitchen device, an indoor veggie patch. Tarren Wolfe is the owner of